Time-lapse videos are a great way to document the entire development of a project. They are also the best investment you can make to showcase all the work involved in the process. 
They are created by capturing thousands of images from the same position over a long period of time. All the images captured are edited together to form the time-lapse video, and when appropriate or requested, music or narration can be added to compliment the visual representation of your project.
Time-lapse videos are a popular way to view natural occurrences such as storms or flowers blooming, which may otherwise not be visible to a viewer.
However, in the commercial world, this technique is extremely beneficial for construction projects, landscaping installations, wedding venues, catering companies, or any other remodeling project. A time-lapse video can be as short as 30 seconds or as long as a few minutes depending on how many angles are required, or now many days it will need to be recorded over. For reference, a 30 second time-lapse video can contain over one thousand images.
Here are a few examples:​​​​​
All of our plans include the 3D/360 Zillow tour, however, we also offer video slideshows as an extra option for our sellers to further expand their marketing options. These video slideshows are a great way to share on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.  For other homeowners these video slideshows become keepsakes; A way to remember their homes once they've move on. 
Video/Slideshow Tour - Music provided by Bensound.com 
(Adding music to your video slideshows is optional.)