Upgrading Your Home to Boost Your Health
A healthy living space is the foundation upon which your overall health rests. If you're upgrading your home, it's a good idea to target changes that will make for a healthier space. Below, you'll find several examples of health-boosting upgrades from Photos By AG.
Fund Your Upgrades
Taking on home upgrades can be an expensive task. If you don’t have the cash on hand, you may be wondering if and when should you refinance your home. Home refinancing can be a good way to help pay for your home upgrades, either with the money saved by a lower mortgage payment or by using cashed out home equity. Look into current interest rates to see if you can lower yours.
Renovate Your Basement
If your basement isn't currently in use, consider renovating it into a useful space. One option is a home gym, which can carry many advantages, including convenience and cost savings over a commercial gym membership. Look to outfit your gym with home products that encourage health, like a recumbent exercise bike. Be sure to read customer reviews in order to make the best choice. Alternatively, installing a yoga/meditation space or an entertainment center will give you a quiet spot to unwind.
Some people try to tackle basement renovations themselves, but hiring a qualified contractor can remove the hassle and give you a professional-level end result. Costs will vary depending on the project's scope and where you live, which is why it’s important to get a few quotes when researching this project.
Improve the Air Ventilation
Indoor air ventilation is important for fighting off health problems. Cycling fresh air through your home helps remove pollutants. When outdoor conditions allow it, opening windows can be a useful step toward that end. Another option to boost your home's air ventilation is to upgrade its mechanical ventilation capabilities. For instance, a properly installed kitchen range hood can scoot pollutants out of your kitchen. Different ventilation approaches have various drawbacks and advantages, so consult with your installer before making a decision.
Design a Home Office
If you work from home full- or part-time, a dedicated home office can improve your productivity and focus. Locate your office away from noise and distractions and look for a space with plenty of natural light. Look for a quality desk that’s durable and has sufficient space. Many people prefer standup desks as they can help you feel more alert and improve comfort if you suffer from back pain.
Upgrade Your Outdoor Space
Spending time outdoors has both mental and physical health benefits. To make the most of what sunlight and fresh air have to offer, you can upgrade your home's outdoor space. The more enjoyable it is, the more likely you are to use it. Project options abound here; for example, if you have children, a new sandbox will give them a fun place to play and exercise, while a covered patio can provide an outdoor space for adults to gather rain or shine.
Fix Up Your Bathroom
Fixing up your bathroom during a remodeling project can make your home a healthier place. For instance, to prevent health-damaging mold, repair or replace caulking, grout, and tile that is showing damage. Fixing leaking fixtures helps as well. Tying in with the aforementioned ventilation idea, a bathroom project can also involve the installation of an exhaust fan, another anti-mold tool.
Make Your Bedroom More Restful
Getting enough sleep helps regulate your hormones and lets your body recover, among other benefits. Unfortunately, a bedroom that is too bright, noisy, or hot can interfere with your sleep. If loud noises are messing with your rest, the Sleep Foundation notes that noise-blocking curtains may help. Along the same lines, dimmer lights can help you fall asleep more easily. Finally, if you're too hot when you go to bed, consider installing a thermostat, bringing in a fan, or investing in lighter bedclothes.
To Your Health
No matter which of these renovation options you choose, you'll be on your way toward creating a healthier home. Enjoy the benefits!
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