I recently participated in a ten day photo challenge, and to say I enjoyed it thoroughly would be an understatement. I love these photo challenges. These were my daily entries; Most are from around my house, since my kids are doing eLearning so I can't really go places these days.

Hibiscus from my yard! 🌺

Breakfast...Fruit Loops & Whipped Cream! 😋

Flower from a succulent we had no idea was making flowers at all!

My daughter's hourglass. ⏳

My "office" view a few days ago...- I was photographing a property, and that was their back yard! 😍

Passed, but still a beautiful Tulip. 🌷

Cookies & Ice Cream 🍪😋

From my back yard. 🌸

My favorite Swatch - Got it at the Swatch store in Time Square in NYC ⏰

Butterscotch Moose Tulip from Whole Foods. 😋

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