I believe in simplifying your life whenever possible, so my process for photographing products has been streamlined to save you time and money. 
Basically, the product(s) are mailed to me, I photograph them, and then I deliver the images to you via DropBox. The only thing to remember here is that the type of product sent will decide how long it will take to be photographed, as well as edited. Some products will need more re-touching than others, and that's because of the surfaces they have. If they are white, or are highly reflective and need to be photographed on a white background, then their editing time may take slightly longer than if they had darker, surfaces. 
For less challenging products, you can expect the images to be delivered within two business days. However, for more difficult products it could take a week or more to deliver the images. It really depends on the product, the number of products sent, and their individual challenges.
I mostly photograph for Amazon shops which requires a pure white background, however, I have a variety of colorful backdrops and props to accommodate for shops outside Amazon as well.
Fees for product photography are as follows:
• $35/per one product sent (e.g. one purse, one pair of shoes, one necklace etc.) 
• $25/per product for five or more products of the same type (e.g. five or more cosmetic products, five or more jewelry items, etc.) 
• $45 per product larger than 2 ft in diameter (e.g. cookware, bakeware, bathroom fixtures, other types of housewares etc.)
Photo editing and retouching are billed hourly at $25/hr.
Styling varies in cost depending on the products sent and the guidelines given. Items that will need a model may cost a bit more than those that don't. Generally styling starts at $15/per product photographed. 
Discounts are available when more than ten products are sent at once.
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Note: Products can be mailed back if a return shipping label is provided. So, far I was never asked to mail the products I've photographed back, and was told that the products sent to me were samples sent to my client by the manufacturer for the specific reason of being photographed. Once I am finished photographing the products, unless instructed otherwise, I will donate them to various charities around town.
IF you're sending glass products please be sure to package them really well. 
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