Leave Them Impressed: A Guide to Selling Your Home Quickly
Article by Suzie Wilson
One of the biggest downfalls of homeownership is that you have to sell your home before you move. Most of us cannot afford two mortgages at a time. Even if your home is paid off, it is difficult to attempt to sell your home if you no longer live in the same town or area. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your home quickly, you might find yourself in a difficult situation. Luckily, by updating a few key areas of your home, you can up the chances that your home will help it sell quickly. PhotosByAG.com invites you to explore the following tips to help you get your home sold ASAP.
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Review Your Market
The housing market in the area is the biggest concern when it comes to selling your house quickly. After all, if other houses aren’t selling, then yours probably won’t either. Although it might be somewhat depressing, it is important to give your housing market a close consideration before attempting any projects on your home. The odds are that there have been at least one or two houses that have sold quickly in your area. You need to focus on those and figure out what it was that made them sell. This can give you insight into what buyers are looking for in your area. For example, if houses with hardwood floors are selling better in your area, you might want to consider updating your flooring.
Your agent can help you in this area and give you some tips on projects that will make your home sell. Ask your agent about what makes a house sell and what buyers commonly ask about. If you can cater your house to your particular market, you’ll be well ahead of the crowd.
Focus on the Kitchen and Bathroom
The kitchen and the bathroom are the number one areas buyers look at when inspecting a potential home. Since you probably do not have the time or money to invest in updating your entire house, just focusing on these areas can help immensely -- and you don’t have to spend a fortune in these areas either. Swapping out the lights and adding new flooring can make a huge difference in a buyer’s perception. Replacing the hardware throughout your kitchen can make a huge difference as well, especially if they are outdated or worn. You don’t have to completely update your whole kitchen (even a minor remodel can cost over $20,000). If the room looks new and updated, the buyer is more likely to be impressed and make an offer. Doing these three things will help your house look fresh.
Updating your bathroom can also draw in buyers. Everyone loves a nice bathroom, even if they are one of the smallest rooms in the house. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in your bathroom either, according to the Family Handyman. Even a couple of cheap updates like framing the mirror can make your bathroom look new and updated.
Repair the Rest
In other areas of your home, focus on repairs instead of full-blown updates. If you have cracks in the drywall or discoloration on the ceiling, get it fixed. While buyers will appreciate an updated kitchen and bathroom, they will not be very impressed if the rest of the house is in disarray. Even if the damage is extremely minor, it might make buyers worry that there are deeper problems they aren’t seeing. According to Better Homes & Gardens, ask your realtor where your home needs repairs. They are versed in where buyers will look.
The Importance of Curb Appeal
Although you’ll probably spend a lot of time repairing problems and addressing issues inside your home, it’s very important not to neglect the exterior. In fact, a little curb appeal goes a very long way, as the outside of your home is the first thing prospective buyers see when they stop by for a walk-through. To get your house looking its best, consider repainting the front door, pressure washing the side of your home, and laying down new mulch or planting new flowers. 
Also, you may want to add fencing if your home doesn’t already have any because home buyers with kids and pets will appreciate this feature. The biggest price factors will be the size of the fence and which type of wood you use (be sure to budget around $4,500 for your new fence). To ensure you get a good, strong, sturdy fence, make sure you hire a good contractor who has received great reviews from previous customers. 
Don’t forget to recalculate how much you can make from selling your home after your projects, subtracting your project and repair costs from your selling price. You should also keep in mind any money you still owe on your mortgage. 
Selling your home is often stressful, especially if you’re in a worry. However, by doing these simple projects, you can be one step ahead of the game and help your home sell faster.
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