So, the other day I got a call from a real estate agent, and I was asked to photograph a house at night because the owners installed yard lights. I quoted my fee, and I was promptly told it is too much, and if I can discount it. So, I did discount it. The following day the RE called again to tell me they found someone to shoot it for free and my services were no longer needed. Ok. 
Today, I saw the result of the free photoshoot, and I wanted to share it because this is exactly what "free" gets you; I feel really bad for the owners, because they were really nice people, and didn't deserve this just because the real estate agent thinks $150 is too much. As you can see, the house is tilted, even though it wasn't when I was there. And the back side is abysmal.
There are no words really. Since, I shot it for that 3rd party company a few days before, I figured why not do a digital night shot for comparison. 
Please remember that when you cheap out on photography, you're only hurting the sellers who trusted you to sell their homes.
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