In-Studio Experience 
- Session Fee is $250 - Images are $50/each

- In-studio headshot session includes - Up to 2 hours of studio time, and three wardrobe changes.

- Choice of gray, white, or black backdrop - Other colors can be made available upon request, however, your attire will have to be considered as well so as to not conflict with the background color choice.

- Professional photo editing and retouching - Because as professionals we are always shooting in RAW mode, the images come out of the camera bare, so usual retouching includes color corrections, removing dust spots, fixing wardrobe issues, fixing flyout hairs, slightly improving teeth color when needed to achieve a natural realistic look, shadows and highlights for hair and wardrobe where it applies. Extreme retouching requests can be accommodated an extra cost, but they are not encouraged due to ethical concerns. The goal is for you to look your natural best, and not become unrecognizable to your family, friends, and business colleagues and partners. 

- What to Wear: For ladies: No V-necks, preferably no long hanging necklaces, single color tops. Colors to avoid: grays, bright greens, orange shades, and bright reds. The idea is to not blend with the backgrounds, but also to not take away from yourself by wearing something that distracts the attention of a viewer. Headshots are about you; However, you will have to envision how 'others' will see/perceive you just by looking at your photo. This is why it is important to not introduce items that can distract someone's attention away from you. For gentleman, same applies, however the type of shirt you're wearing has to reflect the purpose of your headshot. If it's for corporate reasons, then a suit and matching tie would be appropriate, if business-casual, a polo shirt could work.  
- Image sizes: Images will be formatted to fit all social media platforms, as well as personal websites (upon being given the specifications), and/or other advertising mediums such as business cards, brochures, flyers, magazines, etc. All images are created for use on the web, however, if printed versions are needed, those will be available upon request and an extra fee. 
-Image delivery: Images will be delivered within 2 business days. However, if you need them sooner, please mention that when scheduling your session.
Who needs a headshot?
• Entrepreneurs
• Life Coaches
• Wellness and Fitness Instructors
• Artists: e.g. Actors, Musicians, Painters, etc.
• Real Estate Agents
• Chefs
• Models
• Attorneys
• Medical Professionals
• Hospitality Industry Professionals
• Public Speakers, and list goes on and on.
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