So, I wanted to mention a few things regarding pricing for those interested in helping their sellers sell their homes faster. You've heard of "you get what you pay for", so I won't dwell on that too much, however, one thing you should always be concerned with is photo editing. It has happened to me over a dozen times already that a Realtor called out of the blue and asked me to re re-touch the images they purchased through Listing Concierge.
I know LC gives a $50 allowance to Realtors when they want to use their own photographer, so my suggestion is to actually do that instead of losing $100 on a less than service. LC does not provide extensive retouching, so if you have signs, trash cans, trees, cars, or other items that don't belong in your images, they won't retouch them, and if they do, they will over charge you for it. 
I am a professional photographer, therefore I don't deliver images half done. So, my prices include professional retouching, so you will end up saving money with my services, than lose money with theirs. LC is great for foreclosures or properties in distress that need to be sold "as is", but for properties that are well cared for, there's no need to disadvantage them with less than photographs.
Here's an example of a photo edited by LC:
There wasn't a single orange hue in that house, yet all the photos came out orange, because of the HDR processing. The accent walls were dark burgundy. Same issue in the dining room below. This may not seem like a big deal, but to a buyer this is rather deceiving, because it misrepresents the way the property looks like in person. "Color corrections" are a very important part of photo editing because of the different light sources that illuminate a home. "White balance" can only help so much, and when we shoot in RAW, WB doesn't matter much anyway. In order to accurately reproduce the colors of walls, furniture, flooring, manual color correction is needed.
So, while there are folks our there undermining our jobs by offering real estate photography services for very little, know that these folks will not provide your sellers with professional quality images prolonging the time these homes will be sitting on the market with no "in-person" showings. 

Check out my packages here. I love to provide sellers with true to reality images, and help them sell their homes faster. Take advantage of my offer below!