Here's why you should never use HDR on black (or dark) furniture. This home had beautiful furniture, but it was all black, or very dark, so HDR would never work in this scenario.
This are the images the Realtor received from Listing Concierge, which does not edit images professionally. All they did was to merge the images to HDR. They didn't color correct, and that's because these services have never seen the home in person to know what the colors were, so this is the result. Also, I should mention that this Listing Concierge company is asking us to shoot JPEGs, which are not meant to be edited as they are a lossy format. This is not what us professionals do. In a case where the "contrast" is so harsh between to the light pouring in from outside, and the furnishings which are very dark, and the light fixtures inside, you MUST shoot RAW and shoot at least 5 brackets, though in the case of this house 7 or above would have been more appropriate. It's a shame really, because this was an awesome house:
Notice how you can't see anything outside the sliding glass doors, and the floors and furniture have an orange tint.👇
​​​​​​​Here's what the house actually looked like:
There was no orange in this house anywhere. The floors were walnut color, and the furniture was black and a very dark brown.